Re-Location Plans

So where do I begin? i the master planner, Lost in the confusion and scrambled emotion.

so Here I will scratch out the varied details. While I struggle to balance me needs and emotions with others needs and demands. Can I put to rest the injustices I have been served with the gentle reminder of the injustices I played upon others?

So this is step one of the Journey to living n yet another city. And the begining of YET another career, that of Realtor and Real Estate Entrepreneur. Perhaps even the actually getting to the nuts and bolts of that writing career UI keep making excuses over.

While this space is intended most as a dairy (semi-private) I publish it to the internet for permanency. I chose this format to pull it away from Facebook and other social media so only the true-fans can read.  Now if you landed here by accident? While why did you stay long enough to read this far. I would suggest finding one of my other blogs such as the Writers Journey and the story to Authordom.  Or maybe the blog of tech reviews? Or the blog on sermon construction or being a living sermon. A really enjoyable set of reads could be the “Jesus is my Sponsor 12 stepping through Christianity” that blog is design to promote and support my books “Can i Sponsor Myself: A Harsh look at The 12 Step Sponsorship Program” and the companion volume “Jesus Is My Sponsor: Autobiography of my recovery”  some other material is first explored in this media during my current editing process.


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