A new Career as an Agent

Real Estate Agent that is I am preparing to under go training and exams to become a Real Estate Agent. I intend to blog here about my efforts and the results including things learned or unlearned as the case might be. I will also record the various road blocks I encounter.  I hope that my reader will add their input about Real Estate and marketing. I believe that the markets WILL come back. After all as Mark Twain noted “They’ ain’t making anymore land,” and with so many of current agents getting out of Real Estate and Insurance I see a great demand in these careers when the economy bounces back.  But, as I see a seasoned agent more capable of profiting from the coming turn around I chose to get in now to be at least partially aged in the career.

I hope to find one or two well seasoned mentors to train and educate me in the industry.

So as a participant in the mini forum invite comments on Real Estate, sales, networking, farming, Real Estate Investing,  Property Management.

Information about in-house services and fees from various Brokerages would also be helpful.

Please put your negative remarks about this economy, Real Estate, Real Estate sales agents, and Brokers somewhere else like your own blog.

If you would like you may also pray for me , my current income situatio, this new career I am devoloping.


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