How Much Faith Do You Put in The Bus Company Hired by Colorado Springs City Council?

How Much Faith Do You Put in The Bus Company Hired by Colorado Springs City Council?
Back in Sept of 2012 The windshield wiper of the Metro bus i was riding knocked my bicycle of of the bus near the intersection of union and Boulder. My bike was severely damaged along with the bags racks and personal belongings in the bags mounted to the bike. I was told that the bus company would contact me to make arrangements for compensation. After a week I had not been called at the Homeless Shelter where I was residing so i contacted the bus company. After several call I did get into contact with a Nat at the company who informed me that the Insurance adjuster would contact me. After another week I began leaving a multitude messages on Nate’s voice mail because the adjuster did not contact me. After several month of continued voice mails I still have NOT received any compensation for the DAMAGED goods or Lack of Transportation. ( I was NOT even offered free bus rides to replace the mode of transportation DESTROYED by the bus.

Cost of replacement MSRV $550 (discount supplier)

Value of Used Bike

Replacement of Damaged Computer (speedometer/odometer) MSRV $20
Replacement of Damaged rear Panier Bags (MSRV $40) and Rack (MSRV $20)
Handbar bag (MSRV $20)

When do you think I can expect to have my transportation back? How long could you go with out your car if a bus had hit it? Would the bus company or their insurance company given you as much hassle to replace your car? Or even your bike?

I MUST ASK is the Fact that I was Homeless at the time and still considered disadvantaged have anything to do with the Bus Company assuming they did not need to replace My Primary Transportation?
180 days without my PRIMARY Transportation HOW much is this WORTH?


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7 Responses to “How Much Faith Do You Put in The Bus Company Hired by Colorado Springs City Council?”

  1. How Much Faith Do You Put in The Bus Company Hired by Colorado Springs City Council? | Captcommodore's War Against Poverty Says:

    […] Just another weblog « How Much Faith Do You Put in The Bus Company Hired by Colorado Springs City Council? […]

  2. Ed Billings Says:

    Good Luck

  3. Ed Billings Says:

    If I crashed my car into something belonging to the City they would be on my insurance company and myself like white on rice, Stay on the City like white on rice for damaging your stuff.

  4. captcommodore Says:

    The Colorado Springs Bus company, Mountain Metro still has not replace the bike they damaged. To be honest they did offer a single one month unlimited ride bus pass. But that bike was my ONLY transportation. Most likely my transportation for the rest of my life.
    If the major’s car was destroyed by the bus how long would it take to get a replacement? Is this just this anti-homelessness city councils attack on a homeless person? Well , I am no longer homeless so to continue to deprive me of my transportation is a deliberate attempt to keep to Troglodytes (slaves) down in the cave laboring for the Elite class. If you wish for the lower classes to disappear then open the shackles that restrain them and share the “light” of education.

  5. captcommodore Says:

    On 1 Nov 2013 I was hit by a auto while crossing Academy East to West at Bijou in the crosswalk with the light. Because I would not have been on foot if the bus company had repaired or replaced the fore mentioned transportation.( It is now too late to repair as this bike was stolen, probably by scrappers, approximately 45 days after the bus incident.)

  6. captcommodore Says:

    And Now how many days has It been. Wow, If I had hit the bus with my bike and damage it? How quickly would they have expected compensation?
    Ok, check out this tweet! @COSCityCouncil Is this the same city council that hires bus companies that run over and destroy peoples bikes?
    But do I expect the city council to do anything? I do suggest they do as the long it take to resolve the louder I get……
    But I sent Info on this Extreme Injustice by Mountain Metro and Colorado Springs City Council to the TV and radio station and the Gazette and Indy but No One is listening.

  7. captcommodore Says:

    So Now it over 1000 days and my emails to city council are still not getting any results.
    Why does this City government think that the Poor are created to be taken advantage of?

    just the bus fare of 3 a day for the 1000+ days that it has been since the destruction of my bike. (Even if it was by a sub-Contractor of the City Government it was indirectly the City Government that destroyed my transportation)
    How long would it have been if it had been the automobile of a city council-member? Or the BMW of a local banker?

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