Another NEW Year?

I was thinking I should go about this year without resolutions because I usually fail on most of them any way. Then the thought That I should  have as many as I a can invent because 10% of way to many is probably more then half of NOTHING but then again that sightly OVER-inFLATed EGO kick-in and reminded me that I am so PERFECT there is nothing I need to change I just would prefer if the world would see it that way and pay my book before I even write them. And really shouldn’t they be line up outside to audition to be my next girlfriend. (small side note: Auditions can be arranged the position is permanent Full-Time and leads to promotion as wife and mother of my children)

So what does this Perfect Writer and Handsome gentleman plan on accomplishing this new year. Well, I am working on several Projects to fulfill my directions and polish my Ashlar and Capstone, and yes that would mean I will be laying a few new cornerstones this year. As if that is any different as I have started a few new foundations in the last couple of years.

So Now, Should name of some of the recently started projects that I started the foundations or have layed foundations for or First name some of the EXCITING new directions I will be traveling.

Ok,  as I should have been very obvious to me to start with my recent endeavors so here are just a few.

  • I have re-Dedicated my Life to Christ
  • I have Quit Drinking
  • I have almost have quit smoking
  • I have DeClared myself a Writer
  • I have begin doing volunteer work with various community organizations

So I will be engaging in a blog about Affiliate Marketing and another on Build a Network Marketing business the two will very much walk and in hand as many Affiliate Programs are multi-level and the best way to promote most Network marketing programs is the internet so if you wish to work towards one or more streams of internet income then perhaps you should watch for these.

I also am going to begin working on writing several my books including those novels that have been gestating and are so ready to be birthed.

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